Don’t desert Les Déserteurs !

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Simple but warm decoration

April 10th, 2018 Breaking News: The restaurant is now definitively closed. Baratier will open a new restaurant in Annecy in September. The name is « L’auberge sur les Bois ». Stay tuned for more info !

On a quiet Parisian street (rue Trousseau), you will find Les déserteurs, a small and narrow restaurant which has been open since 2014. I can’t believe it took me three years to get to try it! And I have no excuse. Booking a table? Easy peasy. Too far? The location is very central and only 8 stations from my place! Not my type of food?  Photos on their Instagram account are super appetizing! So what was wrong with me? Probably the unconscious fear of being disappointed in comparison to Septime, located just a stone throw from them? (yep, I didn’t find a better explanation). Let me reassure you right away: this did not happen. Now “Les déserteurs” ranks high on my list of fav’ places to eat in Paris. 

The pictures and captions below (move the mouse over the photos) speak for themselves: we had an outstanding 5-course lunch (for only 48 euros) at Les Déserteurs. The owners Daniel Baratier and Alexandre Céret (a Chef and a Sommelier) have put special care into offering a perfect alliance between an innovative and aerial cuisine and a brilliant wine list. There is also a high level of technicity in the food, and it is not an easy task since there are 4 people working at the same time in a tiny kitchen. Of course, ingredients are top-notch and there is a touch of originality in each dish, whether it is in the use of an unknown herb or condiment (polypodium or gallium odoratum, anyone? 😀 ), in the art of plating or in some odd (but delicious) food combinations. As I said, space is narrow but has large windows with a pleasant view of a garden (which is quite rare in Paris). And the service is super professional. Thumbs up Les déserteurs!

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Date of lunch : june 2017

Les Déserteurs

Tel +33 1 48 06 95 85

46 rue Trousseau

75011 Paris

Website Les déserteurs

Instagram les_deserteurs


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