Frenchie London vs Frenchie Paris

Frenchie is the success story of Gregory Marchand, a (very) nice guy who learned how to cook in England then went back to its Gallic roots and opened a mini culinary empire on rue du Nil, in the very heart of Paris. From the gastronomic restaurant (where it is nearly impossible to get a table) to the wine bar (checked) and the takeaway deli (checked), Greg Marchand took over the entire street and everything is a hit! I was so frustrated not being able to test the restaurant that I decided to try Frenchie in London as soon as I heard about its opening! It seems like a crazy idea, but with the Eurostar train, going to London from Paris is really easy, fast and cheap. So, been there, done that, and guess what? A few months later, Frenchie Paris announced it would open for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays! The info was still a bit confidential and this is how we could (finally) book a table there!  Woohoo!

Frenchie London

Industrial-looking decoration, metal furniture, and red bricks but a beautiful zinc bar to add some coziness, it makes no doubt the restaurant is stylish. And spacious:  it has two floors and you can dine downstairs with a view of the open kitchen. Our waiter was a young and enthusiastic Frenchman and we did not wait long for our food.

Everything I ordered was excellent (my lunch companion was a bit disappointed by her dessert though). I had burnt mackerel with carrots, pears, and marigold, it was very fresh, I wish I had a larger portion. It was followed by a guinea fowl with carrots (again), pomegranates, date, and tamarind. Actually, it was quite sensual, very “middle-easterny”, the kind of dish you still think about days later. And to finish, a superb apple sherbet with yogurt and celery (yep).

Date of lunch : March 2017

Frenchie London

Tel +44 20 7836 4422

16 Henrietta Street WCE 8QH, London

Website Frenchie Covent garden

Instagram frenchiecoventgarden

Frenchie Paris

No wonder it is so hard to get a table, the restaurant is really tiny. Like 20 seatings, no more. The decoration is of discreet elegance with wooden beams, exposed brickwork, and leather banquettes. But there is something hip in the air, nevertheless. The waiters? Probably.

I had smoked eel, line caught Pollock wrapped in zucchini ribbons (nice) and peanut butter mousse, marshmallow and chocolate sherbet. Everything was very good but, given all the press the restaurant had and how hard it is to get a table, I think I probably expected to be blown away. Anyway, it is still a good address in Paris.

Date of lunch : July 2017


Tel +33 1 40 39 96 19

5 rue du Nil

75002 Paris

Website Frenchie

Instagram frenchieruedunil


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