HolyBelly 5 : not just pancakes (as they say)


Since its opening in 2013, I probably had lunch, like, 6 or 7 times at HolyBelly. It may seem little in 4 years, but given the wealth of choices in Paris with new restaurant openings every week or so, I think these figures speak for themselves : HB is one of my favourite food spots here.  

HolyBelly has been created by Sarah and Nicolas, a thirty-something charming couple, who lived and worked 4 years in Australia before coming back to France with the idea of opening a « Melbourne style Café ».  Little “Holybelly19” (located 19 rue Lucien Sampaix, hence the name) grew up so quickly that it had to move to a much larger place at number 5 of the same street in 2017. Big “Holybelly5 » was born. Thank God, now, you don’t need to queue anymore to get lunch there (I mean, on weekdays. Week-ends are another story). Oh, and HB19 is not dead, it will reopen early next year. What is it going to be ? Sssshhh…stay tuned !


A sample of the specials I’ve had over the years…Move the mouse over the pictures.


My most recent meal in november 2017. HB = Homey and Beautiful ?

Even though HB has a strong reputation for its amazing pancakes, eggs any style, home-made granolas and excellent coffee, I have never had a breakfast there.  I am totally addicted to their “lunch specials” and I think it is a pity not everybody knows about the amazing cooking going on there ! Everything is made from scratch even the “mother sauce” as they call it, the pastas, and so on. The specials are consistently creative, flavorful, generous and beautifully plated, with a slight “fusion” touch. They are a source of inspiration for me and I have to confess that I have reproduced their recipes at home on 2 or 3 occasions !

Date of lunch : november 2017

HolyBelly 5

Tel : +33 (0)1 82 28 00 80

5 rue Lucien Sampaix

75010 Paris

Website : Holybelly

Instagram : holybellycafe

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