Shakshuka for Breakfast at Nopi, London


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Downstairs with a communal table and an open kitchen

Since the day I got hold of “Jerusalem” the cookbook written by the Israeli-Palestinian duo Ottolenghi / Tamimi, I have been a huge fan of both Chefs. “Jerusalem” has changed my way of cooking and I can’t even count the number of recipes I have made from this incredible cookbook! Understandably, I have been keeping track of Yotam O. and Sami T. on Instagram and the more I was drooling over their gorgeous pictures, the more I was feeling a crucial, even vital need to cross the Channel to pay them a visit. Thanks to Eurostar’s attractive rates, I went not only ONCE but TWICE to London in 6 months (both times on day-trips) where I could happily satisfy my cravings for their food.

15 minutes after my Eurostar train arrived in the early hours at Saint Pancras station, here I was, ordering a hearty breakfast at Nopi! I was surrounded by small groups of very chic thirty-something British women, in a bright white-and -gold dining room. Actually, I found the immaculate ceramic tiling and marbled floors elegant but a bit cold. The menu was short but bold and could satisfy both sweet and savory teeth.

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Yummy shakshouka

As for me, I was clearly not there to eat granola nor pancakes (I could get them in any other breakfast joint) so I ordered a very “middle-eastern-y” Shakshuka (poached eggs in tomatoes, red peppers, and onion)! It is a dish I am very familiar with, since Mediterranean blood is running in my veins and it is funny for me to see how super trendy it has become! Although I regretted the absence of merguez sausage (my grand-mas versions used to have some) I thoroughly enjoyed my shakshuka and had a very guilty thought about my lunch at The Clove Club  3 hours later …Oopsie!


Tel +44 20 7494 9584

21-22 Warwick St, Soho, London W1B 5NE




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