Kitchen Ter(re) : William Ledeuil’s vision of Pasta

In the heart of Saint-Germain and after his renowned  « Ze Kitchen Galerie » and KGB (Kitchen Galerie Bis), famous French Chef William Ledeuil has opened last June his third restaurant, Kitchen Ter(re). His basics are still there (French cooking techniques combined with Asian flavors) but, this time, he has decided to play around with Pasta! Needless to say, NOT your ordinary pasta: the ones you will find at Kitchen Ter(re) are hand-made by a miller from the South of France, who uses 4 types of wheat with low gluten content (20% instead of 60%), which makes them highly digestible. I have always been fond of Ledeuil, never been disappointed by any of his restaurants but I was really wondering if he could convert me into a Pasta Lover. Are you curious, too? 🙂 So let’s see what happened that night…

First, let me mention the service: I don’t know how Chef Ledeuil chooses his teams, but he would deserve to be a Consultant on this topic as I have noticed that, in ALL of his 3 restaurants, the waiters are young, enthusiastic and courteous. This is something we are, alas,  not accustomed to in Paris and I have to say that it is really pleasant to get a warm welcome and professional recommendations from a smiling restaurant staff. The decoration is very simple, a little « arty », with some vintage touches but nothing pretentious. Do not expect a fancy restaurant, it’s very casual. That evening, we ate on a small round bistro table for two, with no tablecloth. Run the mouse over the pictures to read the caption.

Happiness is on the plate, too. As a starter, I chose the veal and bonito tartare although I was tempted by the broths (Ledeuil is a Master in the Art of making broths, he even wrote a book about it). But that night, I was not in the mood for something liquid and my veal tartar and its incredible peanut sauce did not disappoint. As a main, I chose « Crête de coq » Pasta, made with Khorasan wheat and shaped like a cockscomb, served with razor clams, octopus, and seaweed. The pasta was indeed very digestible, the cooking was perfect and all the fresh herbs and Asian flavors were very yummy!  For dessert, I spotted Ledeuil’s Signature dessert on the menu (Gianduja, sesame, and caramel) but as I had already tasted it at KGB, I opted for the Meyer Lemon Cappuccino, with speculoos biscuits at the bottom. A very refreshing and tasty ending to this meal.

My tip: If you can, go there for lunch: the 30 euros menu (starter + main course + dessert) is a bargain. Otherwise, in the evening, be prepared to pay around 60 euros per person with the à la carte menu (glass of wine included).

Date of dinner : january 2018

Kichen Ter(re)

Tel +33 1 42 39 47 48

26 Boulevard Saint-Germain,

75005 Paris

Website : Kitchen Terre

Instagram williamledeuil

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