Mandy’s healthy salads in Montreal

With their intimate settings, their simple decoration with a feminine touch, their hearty salads, and their young and friendly staff, I must confess that I am quite fond of Mandy’s! I am not really into healthy or girly food, though. But, at Mandy’s, one can make its own salad from a (very) long list of fresh vegetables, freshly chopped herbs, fruits, seeds or grains, crispy items like pita chips, crunchy noodles, etc. So put your creative spirit at work or choose among the ready-made salads of the day.

Founded in 2004 by two sisters, Rebecca and Mandy Wolfe, the chain (which now has 5 establishments in Montreal), has the reputation of being on the expensive side. It is true that their salads cost between 10 to 19 dollars, not counting the protein extras (add another 4 to 10 dollars). Ouch! The fresh juices are also not really cheap.

If you follow my tips, I promise you won’t break the bank at Mandy’s! First, the salads are huge, so indulge in a protein extra and share the salad with another person in your group, there is plenty to eat in each bowl. Secondly, don’t buy a juice; instead, help yourself at the complimentary plain or sparkling water fountain. Finally, eat your dessert in another spot, there are many great bakeries/pastry shops everywhere in Montreal!


Date of dinner: April 2018


2067 Crescent street / Montreal, Canada

For other addresses in Montreal, see website.

Tel : +00 514-419-0779

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