Mandy’s healthy salads in Montreal

mandy's, montreal, canada, healthy salads, salad chain, Wolfe sisters

With their intimate settings, their simple decoration with a feminine touch, their hearty salads, and their young and friendly staff, I must confess that I am quite fond of Mandy’s! I am not really into healthy or girly food, though.

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Kitchen Ter(re) : William Ledeuil’s vision of Pasta

french food, restaurant, pasta, paris, france, william ledeuil

In the heart of Saint-Germain and after his renowned  « Ze Kitchen Galerie » and KGB (Kitchen Galerie Bis), famous French Chef William Ledeuil has opened last June his third restaurant, Kitchen Ter(re)

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My 3 favourite Asian restaurants in Montreal

asian food, montreal, biiru, sushi, izakaya, canada, fooie, travel

When I am in the french-canadian City, I am constantly looking for the best  restaurants, coffee shops, food trucks, markets, cool grocery shops, etc ! But today I will focus on my favorite asian restaurants

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48 hours in Miami

Miami, design, USA, trendy, 48 hours in Miami, Florida

Over the past decade, I have seen the « Magic City » change for the better and become more « gourmet » and more « human » thanks to its culinary hotspots, its  lovely boutique hotels, its quirky shops and its neighborhoods with high-quality cultural assets.

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Life in color in Bo-Kaap, Capetown

Capetown south africa, bo-kaap, colorful houses in Bo-kaap, muslims in africa

Nestled in the heights of Signal Hill, « Bo-Kaap » is a small neighborhood gem, home to a predominantly Muslim population from Malaysia, India, and Indonesia. Please take the time to leisurely visit this picturesque and colorful neighborhood.

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Meraki, the prettiest Café in the Western Cape, South Africa

café in Stellenbosch, place to eat in South Africa, Stellenbosch, lunch

Stellenbosch, where Meraki Café is located, is a very charming town in the Winelands, about 45 minutes by car from Capetown. It has a strong European feeling with its typical Dutch architecture and its wonderful French vineyards,but also a Californian “je ne sais quoi”.

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Shakshuka for Breakfast at Nopi, London

Nopi review, Nopi in London, London, Ottolenghi, Shakshukah, shakshouka

“Jerusalem” has changed my way of cooking and I can’t even count the number of recipes I have made from this incredible cookbook! Understandably, I have been keeping track of Yotam O. and Sami T. on Instagram and the more I was drooling over their gorgeous pictures, the more I was feeling a crucial, even vital need to cross the Channel to pay them a visit.

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Say Coucou (hello) to Yikou !

yikou, bao, asian food, paris, france,

 Yikou (pronounce “yeekoo”) has its roots both in France and China. Pierre and Chen, the two owners, are food addicts and passionate about the culinary history of their respective countries (and the other way round). They wanted to create something that would look like the two of them both in terms of decoration and food.

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Septime, take 10 !

review spetime, restaurant, Paris, Michelin star, best restaurant, 75011

When Septime opened in 2011, I was among their very first customers, which is a source of immense pride to me lol! I am still wondering how I heard about them, but I remember it was much easier to get a reservation at that time!

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Frenchie London vs Frenchie Paris

Frenchie , restaurant, paris, france, french food, Gregory marchand

Frenchie is the success story of Gregory Marchand, a (very) nice guy who learned how to cook in England then went back to its Gallic roots and opened a mini culinary empire on rue du Nil, in the very heart of Paris. Followed by an opening in London, too.

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Dining on the beach in Sifnos : Maiolica

maiolica, sifnos, greek food, beach restaurant, foodie

Along with 2 other restaurants in Plays Gialos, “Omega3” and “Nero e Alati”, Maiolica offers a delicious modern Greek cuisine based on local ingredients, and in a trendy setting. The views from the rooftop will leave you speechless.

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Don’t desert Les Déserteurs !

les déserteurs, paris, france, foodie, french food,75011, cheap

On a quiet Parisian street (rue Trousseau), you will find Les déserteurs, a small and narrow restaurant which has been open since 2014. I can’t believe it took me three years to get to try it! Now “Les déserteurs” ranks high on my list of fav’ places to eat in Paris. 

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HolyBelly 5 : not just pancakes (as they say)

holybelly5, paris, france, breakfast, brunch, australian food, american food, pancakes

Since its opening in 2013, I probably had lunch, like, 6 or 7 times at HolyBelly. It may seem little in 4 years, but given the wealth of choices in Paris with new restaurant openings every week or so, I think these figures speak for themselves: HB is one of my favorite food spots here.  

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