Who am I ?

Santa Teresa in Rio, Brazil

Bonjour from Paris !

My name is Anna and even though I was born and raised in beautiful Paris, still live there, I have always been an avid traveler : As a kid with my americanophile parents; as a single student  (I have studied in London and Madrid and worked as  a summer flight attendant for Air France) and as a married woman and mother of two grown-up girls (15 and 21). Nothing can stop me from traveling…and eating, one cannot go without the other and they both bring me lots of happiness . I even created a food blog in 2006 and, after a career as an advertising exec, I am currently a culinary consultant for French food brands and gourmet websites!

How did I decide to blog about my travels ? Actually, I do travel a lot and I thought it would be a great way to share with you my favorite spots (in Paris and beyond) for eating luscious food, sleeping in cozy and stylish hotels, visiting off-the-beaten track places, shopping like a local…well, in a word : having a blast ! I have actually been in all the places I mention here, I will never, ever write about a place, based on a media kit (alas, this happens more often than you think) ! All the pictures are mine, unless otherwise specified.

I am very happy to « meet you » even if it is only virtually (but it could be in real life too, who knows ?) and I hope you will enjoy my foodie wanderings around the world.

A bientôt,

Yours truly,


PS : the header image of my blog was taken by yours truly at Meraki Café, Stellenbosch, in the winelands around Capetown, South Africa.

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    1. Thank you Stephan. I am so glad you like it. Do not hesitate to comment on the posts; critics are also welcome (as long as they are constructive 😉 )

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